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April 12, 2016 at 11:30 AM EDT
Micron Accelerates Data Center Storage with New NVMe PCIe SSD Portfolio

Micron Purpose-built Solid State Drives Deliver
Agility and Scale for Demanding Data Center Workloads

News Highlights 

  • Micron completes data center SSD portfolio with the introduction of Micron NVMe 9100 and 7100 PCIe SSDs, complementing existing SATA and SAS drives
  • Micron SSD portfolio offers customers diverse flash storage solutions for evolving data center demands, regardless of workload
  • Companies can modernize legacy IT with Micron SATA and SAS offerings and design infrastructure agility with availability of new NVMe PCIe SSDs   

AUSTIN, Texas, April 12, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Micron Technology, Inc. (Nasdaq:MU) today announced a new portfolio of PCIe solid state drives (SSDs) that leverage the high-performance NVMe protocol. The new Micron 9100 and 7100 PCIe SSDs provide data center customers with purpose-built storage products for implementing an agile, scale-out IT infrastructure. These new drives extend Micron's rich portfolio of SATA and SAS SSDs that enable customers to extend and improve their legacy data center infrastructure with proven flash products.

Customers are disaggregating storage from Storage Area Networks (SANs) and frame-based arrays, moving toward server-based storage as a solution because of today's changing computing landscape, which is largely driven by the influx of data being created, accessed and stored from the proliferation of mobile devices and cloud computing. Many of today's leading hyperscale companies, who have taken advantage of server-based storage, have deployed Micron memory and storage in their data centers, giving them consistent, accelerated access to the world's data wherever they are, whenever they want and from any device.

"Wikibon research shows that game-changing productivity potential awaits enterprises that develop and deploy new data-rich applications. These systems will heavily depend on flash-enabled, shared-data environments with low latency and predictable performance," said David Floyer, CTO and co-founder, Wikibon. "The range of products Micron is announcing today allows enterprises to improve both the performance of existing platforms and to deploy vastly more functional applications that truly exploit flash technologies; all while leveraging any legacy infrastructure organizations have in place."

"Dstillery, a pioneer in big data intelligence, uses a combination of proprietary technology and human intuition to help brands and media companies achieve their marketing objectives. In a world where content consumption continues to grow rapidly, we ingest billions of data points on a daily basis," said Amit Gupta, vice president of infrastructure at Dstillery. "We perform 50 billion+ web transactions daily, most of which must be read from reliable storage media like Micron's PCIe SSDs. Micron's products have performed exceptionally well and have helped us achieve scale and value for our business."

"Companies around the world are partnering with Micron to architect and future proof their data center design," said Darren Thomas, vice president of storage at Micron. "As one of the founding innovators of the NVMe storage interface, Micron architected its portfolio of NVMe SSDs to take full advantage of the complete storage solution stack. With the addition of a high-performance NVMe drive to our portfolio—and with the recent addition of SAS—Micron has a product for every storage performance tier within the data center as we know it today."

Enabling an agile storage platform, the new NVMe PCIe SSDs announced today are:

Micron 9100 NVMe PCIe SSD: Bringing Your Data up Close & Personal
The Micron 9100 NVMe PCIe SSD brings nonvolatile memory as close as possible to the processor, maximizing data speeds in the most demanding environments. The blazing-fast performance of a single Micron 9100 NVMe SSD enables customers to deliver dramatic business results—up to 10x faster—when compared to a single data center SATA SSD.

Micron's 9100 NVMe PCIe SSD offers workload-focused capacity for both read-centric and mixed-used applications. Achieving 3.2TB of storage in both a HHHL & a 2.5" U.2 form factor, the Micron 9100 SSD is purpose built to efficiently process business data. The U.2 form factor of Micron's 9100 SSD allows front-bay access to the server, delivering a recognizable form, fit and function of that IT knows. Visit the Micron 9100 NVMe PCIe SSD product page for more information.

Micron 7100 NVMe PCIe SSD: Lean, Mean and Green
From power sensitive applications to space conscious environments, the Micron 7100 NVMe PCIe SSD brings higher performance and lower TCO to meet growing and changing enterprise needs. Whether it's the slim 7mm U.2 (2.5") hot-pluggable form factor or the tiny M.2, the 7100 allows dense designs that pack a punch. It uses half as many watts as a standard high-performance NVMe drive but provides low latencies unachievable by SATA SSDs. Visit the Micron 7100 NVMe PCIe SSD product page for more information.

Now shipping in volume, Micron is also working with customers to extend their existing IT investment with SAS SSDs.

Micron S600DC SAS SSDs: Bigger, Faster and Costs Less Compared to Hard Drives
Micron's S600DC SAS Series provides customers with greater capacity, better performance and higher endurance at a much more affordable price point compared to 15K HDDs. Micron's S600DC Series SSDs are the ideal solution to modernize and accelerate storage infrastructure supporting the heart of business. Databases, OLTP and business-critical virtualized applications all run on dependable SAS storage.

The S600DC SSD is one of the largest SAS solutions in the market achieving 4TB of storage in a 2.5" form factor - more than double the capacity 10K 2.5" HDDs and 4x the capacity of 15K HDDs. Micron's S600DC SSD portfolio offers ultra-fast 12Gb/s SAS dual port bandwidth, delivering dramatic improvements in storage and server performance. The S610DC and S630DC provide up to 450x the performance of a single 15K RPM SAS HDD, while maintaining an equal or less dollar per gigabyte.  

For years the primary barrier to entry for flash-based storage has been the higher dollar per gigabyte compared to HDD—this is no longer the case with Micron's S600DC Series of SSDs. When matching usable capacity at a system level, the S610DC provides dramatic improvements in performance while offering a 27 percent lower acquisition cost. Visit the S600DC SAS Series product page for more information.   


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