Transforming How the World
Uses Information

For more than 40 years, we have been a world leader in innovative memory and storage solutions that accelerate the transformation of information into intelligence, inspiring the world to learn, communicate and advance faster than ever. We deliver the world’s broadest portfolio of technologies at the core of today’s most significant disruptive breakthroughs such as artificial intelligence and autonomous vehicles.

Contact Investor Relations

Contact Investor Relations

Investor Relations  

Micron Technology, Inc.
Mail Stop 407
8000 South Federal Way
P.O. Box 6
Boise, ID 83707-0006

Phone: (208) 368-4465

Micron's transfer agent can assist shareholders of record with questions concerning accounts, including change of address, lost certificates, transfer of stock to another party, or consolidation of accounts.

EQ Shareowner Services
1110 Centre Pointe Curve
Suite 101
Mendota Heights, MN 55120-4100

Phone: 1-800-468-9716


Shareholders of record who receive duplicate mailings should contact the transfer agent to have their accounts consolidated. Those shareholders who hold Micron Technology's stock through a stock broker should contact their broker for information on consolidating accounts.