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October 27, 2021 at 12:00 PM EDT
Micron’s New Crucial DDR5 Memory Delivers Blazing Speeds and Massive Bandwidth to Consumers for Next-Gen Desktop PCs

Providing up to 50% higher data transfer speeds at 4800MT/s, Micron’s Crucial DDR5 memory also nearly doubles effective bandwidth over DDR4 memory right out of the box

Key Benefits:

  • Compatible with 12th Gen Intel® Core™ processors1 that support DDR5 and DDR5 compatible motherboards2
  • Speeds starting at 4800MT/s based on 16Gb chip density and available in 8GB, 16GB and 32GB module densities
  • Greater than 2x the data rates of DDR4 to provide multi-core CPUs with the data they need for effective multi-tasking3
  • Quadruple the module density over DDR4 from 16Gb up to 64Gb chip density4
  • Decreased operating voltage to 1.1V, allowing for better power efficiency5
  • XMP support for easy performance recovery up to JEDEC speeds6

BOISE, Idaho, Oct. 27, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Micron Technology, Inc. (Nasdaq: MU), today announced the immediate availability of Micron Crucial DDR5 desktop PC memory products that deliver up to 50% faster data transfer speeds over previous-generation DDR4 memory, providing mainstream PC users with enthusiast-level performance.7 Whether a PC is used for business, learning, creativity, interactive entertainment or personal use, the computing experience is defined by performance, flexibility and efficiency. Micron’s DDR5 memory technology advancements offer higher bandwidth per core, nearly doubling the effective memory bandwidth8 to provide multi-core CPUs with the data they need for multi-tasking and other demanding PC applications.

“Micron has long been at the forefront of defining the PC industry’s DDR5 specifications, leading the charge for this groundbreaking technology and enabling the industry’s transition by offering the DDR5 Technology Enablement Program (TEP),” said Malcolm Humphrey, vice president and general manager of Micron’s Compute DRAM Product organization. “Through our DDR5 TEP, we have accelerated ecosystem access to Micron’s industry-leading product design, development, system integration and testing to maximize DDR5 performance for customers.”  

DDR5 allows for better power efficiency, decreasing operating voltage to 1.1 volts. Plus, its unique features enable future chip density to grow from today’s 16Gb up to 24Gb, 32Gb and beyond, quadrupling the module density of DDR5 over DDR4 DRAM. This provides headroom and future scalability for DDR5-enabled systems. Improved bus efficiency results in higher effective bandwidth. By combining higher bandwidth, lower power and higher density, DDR5 enhances performance for emerging PC applications such as 4K and 8K content creation, interactive entertainment, personal and business productivity, and virtual reality experiences. By feeding hungry multi-core CPUs, DDR5 memory also helps make multitasking more efficient without bogging down system performance.

The new Micron Crucial DDR5 memory has been validated and is compatible with 12th Gen Intel Core processors that support DDR5, along with many of the major DDR5 compatible desktop motherboards currently available. Micron Crucial DDR5 DRAM features predefined XMP profiles to enable users to easily recover memory performance up to JEDEC speeds, in the event of a system-level memory speed downclock.

Micron Crucial DDR5 memory products in 8GB, 16GB and 32GB densities are available now on and worldwide from leading retail and e-tail stores, commercial resellers and system integrators, enhancing system performance and user productivity on every continent.

“As we celebrate 25 years of Micron’s Crucial brand of consumer DRAM and SSD products, we are entering a new era of PC computing. The rapid adoption of DDR5 memory will further enable Micron’s vision of transforming how the world uses information to enrich life for all,” said Teresa Kelley, vice president and general manager of Micron’s Consumer Products Group. “Micron’s Crucial DDR5 memory is built to deliver the compatibility, speed and reliability that high performance PC enthusiasts have come to expect from us and is now available to mainstream customers around the globe.”

“With the launch of the 12th Gen Intel Core desktop processor family we are leading the PC industry transition to DDR5,” said Mandy Mock, Vice President and General Manager of Desktop, Workstation and Channel Group, Intel. “Intel has collaborated closely with Micron on the development and enablement of the DDR5 ecosystem to deliver the highest performance computing experiences to PC users.”

Micron’s Crucial brand is uniquely able to connect millions of customers to the innovation and technology that Micron has been perfecting for more than four decades. Online tools like the Crucial Selector Tool have made it easy for content professionals, gamers, PC enthusiasts and DIY system builders to find compatible memory (DRAM) and storage (SSD) products for more than 175,000 desktops, laptops and workstations.

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1 12th Gen Intel Core processors and Intel Z690 chipset: enthusiast consumer K and KF SKUs only.

2 For compatible Micron Crucial DDR5 memory and motherboard options, utilize our Crucial Selector Tool.

3 Data rates based on JEDEC speed definition of DDR5 greater than 6400MT/s compared to the max DDR4 JEDEC speed of 3200MT/s.

4 Based on current JEDEC specifications.

5 Decreased operating voltage when compared to DDR4 1.2V operating voltage.

6 Predefined XMP profiles for JEDEC standard conditions are provided to enable customers to easily recover memory performance in the case of system-level memory speed downclocks. Performance is not guaranteed on all motherboard models as performance recovery depends on processor tier, motherboard tier, and BIOS stability.

7 DDR5 4800MT/s DRAM provides a 50% increase in speeds when compared to DDR4 3200MT/s.

8 Based on System-C simulation comparing DDR4 3200MT/s to DDR5 4800MT/s showed 1.87x effective bandwidth improvement. Simulation was comparing bandwidth from 1 x4 based DIMM.